It is in 1852 that the profession of Attorneys was definitively been separated from the Barristers, and therefore the term « avoués plaidant » fell into disuse. In fact, such term is a misnomer as Attorneys have always had and still have a right of audience before all the jurisdictions (including the Bankruptcy Division of the Supreme Court and the Judge sitting in Chambers) save and except the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in its original jurisdiction.

In 1855 the Law Practitioners (Disciplinary Proceedings) Ordinance was introduced providing for disciplinary measures for “any act contrary to his duty as barristers or attorney or in any manner misconducted himself so as to bring discredit to the profession”. The Attorney General would prepare a written statement of case and the disciplinary hearing was to be heard “before all the Judges of in open court” (unless the Judges, on cause shown, otherwise order).